Tips for Air Conditioner Maintenance

Gone are the days when refrigeration appliances were luxury items inside homes, offices and other spaces. Today, they are necessary in virtually all places, ensuring the well-being of all and even increasing productivity in work environments. Therefore, it is essential to know more about the importance of air conditioning maintenance and how to do it.

Every day more modern and accessible, these devices have become indispensable in the Brazilian home, especially in hotter cities. However, it is necessary to take some precautions regarding maintenance to ensure their best performance. After all, without the necessary care, the device may not deliver the expected result.

In addition to preventing crashes and extending the equipment’s life span, periodic maintenance helps to save energy and also to combat health problems, in the case of allergies, for example. How about, then, delving a little deeper into this subject and checking out some topics that may be useful to you? Continue reading this article and check out our tips!

What points to consider when maintaining your air conditioner?

Let’s get down to business, then? To help you with this task, we’ve put together some important tips for air conditioner maintenance. Before starting the process, however, make sure that the electrical voltages that power the unit are turned off. Once switched off, you can check the points described below:

Check that the unit is connected properly

The air conditioner must be correctly connected to the main network. That is, all manual or automatic circuit switching and protection devices must be properly connected without any interruptions, such as open switches, blown fuses, etc. The thermostat and the switch must also be set and in the correct position.

Carry out preventive cleaning

Dust build-up on cabinets, grilles and the area around the unit can obstruct and reduce the airflow to the air conditioner, making it weaker and reducing its capacity to function. Therefore, these places need to be kept clean at all times.

You can do this with the help of a soft cloth or flannel moistened with mild soap or warm water. But beware: during the cleaning, you should never use alcohol or solvents, as these products can damage the device.

Periodically clean the coils

The air conditioning coils are responsible for the air conditioning process. The lack of cleaning and dirt accumulated on them, added to the humidity inside the unit, can provide a favorable environment for the formation of colonies of fungi, bacteria, mold, among other contaminants.

To avoid the proliferation of any microorganisms, it is necessary to maintain the periodic cleaning of the coils. To clean the fins – responsible for the wind direction -, direct a low-pressure water jet or a compressed air jet in the opposite direction of the parts. Remember that you can’t be too careful not to damage your equipment.

Analyze the device’s connections

To avoid problems with the appearance of leaks, noise, and vibrations during the maintenance of the air conditioner, the user must check whether the connections, flanges, and other fixings are tight. It is through them that the exchange of temperatures and water drainage occurs. Any failure may be enough to cause a leak, for example.

Check the condition of the metal parts and pipes

The metal parts and pipes of the air conditioner must always be in the correct place and in good condition. To do this, it is necessary to check whether the insulation between the parts is properly installed to avoid possible problems with the equipment.

Another air conditioning maintenance measure is to clean the filter regularly, at least once a month. This should be done to ensure the full functioning of the unit.

Check the air conditioning coil

However small they may be, the coils are also essential for the proper functioning of the unit. Therefore, checking this item should be part of the air conditioning maintenance. When you call a technician to evaluate the unit, it is important to ask for some attention to these parts.

Protecting the inside and outside of the unit

In addition to all the more technical details, it is also important to take the necessary care of the appliance in general. Just as you try to protect your cell phone or your television, why not do the same with your air conditioner? Therefore, you need to take the necessary steps to protect the inside and outside of the unit.

The first step is to plan where the unit will be positioned in the room, away from possible falls or accidents, for example. It should not be exposed to the sun or rain. In addition, it is important not to leave the inside and outside of the air conditioner unprotected.

Have you faced one of these issues with the air conditioning in your home? Or is your aircon leaking and not working as efficient as before? Consult from a team of professionals that not only service your aircon but also check if aircon gas top up is required. The sooner you call for repair, the lesser becomes the possibility of you letting the issue rise to the point where your aircon breaks down.

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