Tempeh Culture was founded in late 2018 by a sibling duo to share an inherited family recipe for tempeh. As pioneers of non-GMO, organic tempeh in Singapore, founders Zee and Naf who are fourth generation Singaporeans of Javanese descent decided to do two things: make quality, handmade tempeh available to a wider audience at a time when organic tempeh was unheard of and elevate the appreciation of the humble ingredient.

The protein-rich ingredient can be found in Singapore’s markets and is very much a staple in Malay and Indonesian cuisines. Much of it is commercially produced with no indication of where the soybeans come from or if its live cultures are still intact.

Tempeh Culture prides in using quality ingredients. Our soybeans are sourced from Australian farms through trusted suppliers, are certified non-GMO and organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA). Only organic apple cider vinegar is used to create the mildly acidic environment for tempeh spores to thrive.

Every step of the process is done by hand, as it has for centuries, so be rest assured that the product you have in your hands is one that’s made with care.

Since launching, Tempeh Culture has been acclaimed by Michelin-starred chefs and featured on local, regional and international media: