Empower yourself with this DIY Tempeh Making Kit™

Just months after the release of The Heritage Series, Tempeh Culture is launching its Tempeh Making Kit at the inaugural Singapore Vegan Festival on 29 September 2019. The new addition seeks to empower the community by allowing everyone to make plant-based proteins in their very own kitchens.

Within the kit you’ll find all of the essentials to make your own tempeh, including organic non-GMO Australian soybeans, tempeh starter culture, and tools for the fermentation process. These have been pre-measured for convenience so budding tempeh makers won’t have to fiddle around with measurements.

To guide you along are detailed illustrated instructions that closely follow the time-honoured techniques that have been passed down through the founders’ familial generations.

Tempeh making kit

The process of making your own tempeh is a hands-on one that has you involved at every step of the way so you will know exactly what you put into your body. Opt to add your own extra toppings like sesame seeds and sunflower seeds (not included) as you wish. Our kit is a building block. This is plant-based protein how you want it, when you want it.

“This kit isn’t just us sharing a slice of our heritage,” said Azimin Saini, the founding tempeh maker, who was passed on the recipe from his grandmother. “It’s our buyers becoming their own producers. They are taking their diet into their own hands with a deeply rewarding process.”

The Tempeh Making Kit will launch at the Singapore Vegan Festival. It can also be purchased at our webstore here.