Tempeh Culture releases The Heritage Series in August to mark the Singapore Bicentennial

Six months after the launch of Tempeh Culture, the tempeh artisans have dived deep into their own heritage and released a new range: The Heritage Series. It pays homage to Singapore’s early Javanese community forming a settlement in today’s Sixth Avenue.

This settlement, known as Kampung Tempe, became the epicentre of tempeh-making in Singapore, producing over 5,000 pieces per day.

The new line sees the makers collaborating with an urban gardener to produce tempeh that’s cultured in daun simpoh air (dillenia suffruticosa) — the very same leaves that Kampung Tempe’s community used and which are also featured in Tempeh Culture’s logo. These leaves are native to Singapore and can be seen growing wild in nature reserves, parks and even along expressways.

The result is tempeh that’s not just eco-friendly, but fragrant with the scent of a lush tropical forest and sport grooves that follow the deep veins of the leaves. This is on top of the fact that the tempeh is made using inherited techniques passed down through the family through generations.

“We wanted to do something to commemorate National Day during the Bicentennial,” said Azimin Saini, the founding tempeh maker and fourth generation Singaporean of Javanese heritage. “There’s at least 700 years of history behind us and at the same time, there’s growing awareness of plant-based proteins, so we thought it would be nice to promote awareness of tempeh’s humble origins.”

The Heritage Series will be available in limited quantities throughout the month of August and is priced at $5. To order, send a message here or on Instagram.